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August 17, 2012
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Alfred's mansion wasn't far away. In fact, it was really close to the apartment lot that you happen to live in.
The sunny afternoon, when you came back from your work at your office, the first thing you noticed when you stepped into the warm place was that you stepped on something rather...soft .
The moment you took off your foot from the thing, a colourful envelope came into view. It couldn't be from the post, since it was Sunday, and letters weren't given out that day. You recognised it as an invitation to a party once you reached for it.
Furthermore, you read it was from America, who goes by the human name of Alfred, inviting you for "A Totally Awesome Halloween Party! It's even more awesome than Gilbert!...Sorry dude."
So here you were, wearing a ripped and dark, long dress of a Lady-in-Waiting, which looked rather good on you, you had to admit. Your hair were done up in a simple updo, with a few small plaits sticking out from behind. Your shoes were simple navy ballerina shoes.
You carried a medium-sized chocolate cake for Alfred, as a thank you for the invitation – after all, he didn't have to do so, since you're not really a country.
As you reached the mansion, the door was swung open (to the inside) and a very hyper American came into view. He was wearing a Superman costume. ((A/N: Well, wasn't that obvious? >.>))
-Yo, dudette! C'mon in! – He moved away and you entered, revealing heaps of people here already, dressed up as trolls, zombies, witches and all sorts of 'scary' creatures. You passed the cake to Alfred, who seemed pretty happy according to this.

~*Le time Skip*~

You quietly drank your champagne, watching slow dancers twirl around the floor. Roderich and Elizabeta were your favourite. Suddenly, two strong arms wrapped around your waist, and turned you around swiftly.
You faced a pair of crimson eyes, shining brightly.
-Well, well, well... – He sing-sung, his grin getting wider, a small fang appearing from his lips, his strawberry blonde hair messy as usual.
-Vladimir. Hmmm, what a nice surprise. – You laughed lightly. He was dressed up as a Dracula, with a black, long collar standing up. His small hat at the side of his head was still present.
He took your hand and pressed his cold, but soft lips on it.
-Would you like a dance? – He looked into your (e/c) orbs and grinned, showing his perfectly white teeth.
-Why, yes, I'd love to. – You smiled also and let him pull you onto the dance floor gently.
You soon found yourself twirling slowly in the strong arms of the man you loved for a long time now.
As the song ended, a very fast folk-like one was put on, and soon, everyone started dancing quickly to the beat, twirling, spinning, running...and swapping partners. You ended up dancing with Toni, also called Spain, as Vladimir danced with Bella, or known as Belgium.
-You seem to be liking Vlad, aren't you, seniorita? – Toni asked cheerfully, as your cheeks turned scarlet. –You know, it's pretty obvious~ - He sing-sung.
-Really? – You asked, clearly surprised as Toni let you go and you did three spins, coming back to him.
-Si, si~ Everyone talks about it now! – He laughed and twirled you again, this time holding onto your waist.
-I would have never guessed! – You couldn't stop the happy aura of the Spaniard affecting you also.
-That amigo clearly likes you too~ - He smiled, his emerald eyes sparkling.
You blushed again and found yourself twirling beside Bella, who laughed and soon, you were dancing with Vladimir once again. You smiled at him as he placed his hands on your waist.

~*Le Time Skip...Again*~

You sipped your champagne again, this time accompanied with Vladimir, who laughed and talked with you, keeping you company.
-Hey, _______... – He coughed a little to get your attention.
-Hmmm? What's up? – You smiled.
-Would you like to visit my country someday?
-Oh! Of course I would! Sounds very interesting! – You nodded excitedly.
Suddenly, a pair of soft lips set upon yours. You quickly melted into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck as he wrapped his around your waist. You stepped closer to him, trying to get closer. You dug your fingers into his hair and all too soon, he broke away, grinning madly, his fang shining more than usual.
-Would you like to visit Dracula's mansion? – He murmured.
You laughed.
-Of course.
Here's a Romania x Reader request for my good friend :iconmargaroth: :squee:

I'm so glad I got it done!

I know the picture is common...but I like it ^.^
Plus, you should really listen to the song "MSD2" by Voltaj.
ROMANIAN! :happybounce:

Hope you enjoy.
Rates and Comments gladly Appreciated! :iconimhappyplz:

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia (although I wish I did...just imagine all of them boys being there for you...) or the picture.
And Vlad owns you ;)
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Fireblade626 Nov 6, 2013  Student General Artist
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i'm surprised America didn't wear a Captain America costume : P i liked the story ^.^
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