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You walked around the alleys, through short-cuts, roads, estates, until...
-Here we are! – You exclaimed happily, clenching your fists in pride.
You successfully found "Club Carbon".
It was the biggest and loudest club in the country, even celebrities sometimes visited it. The music was loud, but bad-ass, the drinks could even persuade the Holiest man to do things they'd never do...And the people...
Oh, the people!
You weren't interested in girls, in fact, you counted them as rivals.
Well, sometimes you came around a club or two with your friends, Elizabeta and Bella, sometimes with Natalia, but today was not the case.
You were looking for a good guy to have fun with for this night.
The Office work was just too much of a pain for you. Really. Your boss, who was a pilot in her young days, now became a grumpy old fatso. She enjoyed telling you to work, and your hatred for her grew in the past weeks. Now you wished for nothing more than a wonderful night of fun.
Suddenly, the hairs on your neck stood up, shivers ran down your spine and a cold air hit you.
Someone was watching you.

Saw you standing in the dark and I like your energy
I'm feeling you way from afar, boy you're distracting me
My heart is racing, body's aching, and I'm shaking all because of you
(It's something about you)

You turned around and saw a figure leaning on the wall covered in graffiti. It was clearly a man, a man with messy hair and gleaming eyes in the shade
He was wearing loose tracksuit bottoms and a plain t-shirt, but the way he stood there, and the way his arms were crossed over his felt blood starting to drip from your nose slowly. You quickly took your sleeve and wiped it.
- Seriously, ______? Nose-bleeding over a stranger?! But he clearly IS checking me out! - You thought to yourself, raising a brow.
You quickly turned around and approached the big man standing at the queue.
-Bill, could you? Someone is checking me out! – You hissed, and the big man nodded, holding up the curtains of the entrance for you.
Bill was a good friend of yours, you met him at another club, and became friends since then. After he told you he was going to have a night shift at "Club Carbon", you immediately wanted to go there.
-Thanks, I owe you one. – You winked and he smiled understandingly at you.
As you entered, the dark dance floor was visible, many people gathered in already, the music banged at your ears. You walked over to the bar, sitting at one of the leather stools, ordering some beer.
- Why is this guy stuck in my head?! - You mentally slapped yourself.

Now I'm thinking 'bout who you with
'Cause you got me curious
If you don't come closer Imma have a fit

You swirled your finger on the rim of the glass, that was now half-empty, deep in thought over the strange man you saw.
Truth to be told, you DID get a nose bleed. And true, you wondered if he felt the same way about you. He, after all, WAS checking you out.
This was enough for you.
- I swear my mind is seriously fucked right now. - You sighed, standing up and quickly joining the crowd that danced on the dance floor like there was no tomorrow.
You had to admit, the club was impressive – the people were all hyper, hungry for lust, or just wanting a nice evening with others. The music was brand new, up-beat and just great to dance to and the DJs, that occasionally made a mash-up, did well. The drinks were well served, a nice lemon or lime on the rim of the glass...everything was great.
Except for one thing.
The thought of the mysterious man.

Tell me boy what you thinking too
Gotta know if you feel the same way I do
Talk to me

You swayed your hips to the beat, closing your eyes and enjoying the feeling. Suddenly, a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, and you slowly, even teasingly turned around to eyes! ((A/N: You would never expect this! XD))
-Ohonhonhonhon~ Ma cherie, you are the most perfect of them all today~ Mind sharing this dance with me? – The blonde man said, and you guessed he was French by the accent.
You also didn't like the remark of "today". What does he mean by that?! You look great EVERY DAY! Not just TODAY!
Just as you were planning on pushing him away, someone did it for you.
The French flirt was ripped off from your body by someone who made your lungs stop working and you held your breath.

I can be your lady, you can be my baby
So don't keep me waiting
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched

-France, get off her. She's mine.
It was him ! You barely stopped yourself from squealing. Perverted thoughts flooded your mind. It was CRAZY.
The French man walked away, pouting as the man from before came closer to you. You didn't object.

'Cause I've got this problem, only you can solve it
But you gotta come to me
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched

He placed his hands on your hips and you dug your fingers in his silvery hair.
You both knew where this was going to – so better say each others' names now, right?
His sleek fingertips gently slipped under the rim of your shirt, going over the sides of your waist teasingly.

I wanna be touched, wanna be touched, touched

You bucked your hips onto his, receiving a sexy grunt from him.
-So, _______, vhat brings you to Club Carbon? – He asked, you guessed he was German, or somewhere from those regions by his deep accent.
You shrugged.
-Probably the stress. Y'know, just came here to check out the club and have fun. – You answered, wrapping your arms around his neck.
-Mean boss?
-Mean bitch.
Gilbert laughed out, you grinned sexily back at him.
-Y'know what I mean?
-Believe me, I know much more than I vant. – He shook his head, his hands going up and down from your waist over to your chest and back down again, sending shivers down your spine. Let's be honest, he was making you wet.
You were one lucky girl – swaying your hips like there's no tomorrow, with a SEX GOD glued to your curves, clearly WILLING to be yours.
-Do you know...want to get each other better, like all these girls? – He asked, raising a slim brow in curiosity.
-Well, I'd like to. But it's be a waste of such a wonderful night if we just talk and giggle. – You both nodded with sly grins as you said it.

Ya gotta get to know me first and we can take it further
And I can't help but flirt, 'cause I'd be crazy if I let you leave without your number
Boy don't make me wait too long for you
(I just wanna get to know you)

You slipped your hand into the pocket of your denim shorts, quickly finding a piece of folded paper and you took it out, slipping it onto Gilbert's palm.
-Call me if you want to get to know me better~ - You whispered huskily into his ear, and smirked when you felt him shiver from the closeness of your breath on him.
That famous smirk of his came back sooner than you thought, and he ALSO took out a folded paper from his pocket, and held it between his index and middle finger.
-Are you willing to take my awesomeness, Frau? Are you sure you can handle the Five meters of Awesomeness? – He murmured, raising a brow at you again, this time suggestively.
-How about we first check out the theory of them Five meters? – Your grin only widened.

Now I'm thinking 'bout who you with
'Cause you got me curious
If you don't come closer Imma have a fit
Tell me boy what you thinking too
Gotta know if you feel the same way I do
Talk to me

His slender fingers grazed your spine lightly, and you couldn't help but to arch your back forward to him slightly, your chest touching his. You knew he had some muscle under that damn shirt he was wearing, mainly from your constant touching of him.
But you knew this wasn't enough.
You wanted to be touched.
And I mean, touched like there's no tomorrow.
Of course, you didn't doubt him at all – in fact, you were expecting some damn hell of a night~ And we mean the GOOOOOOOOOOD hell~

I can be your lady, you can be my baby
So don't keep me waiting
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched

His mesmerizing crimson orbs looked deeply into yours. You couldn't help but smirk as you saw the way his eyes were clouded with hunger and lust. Damn, you were pretty sure your eyes were exactly the same~

'Cause I've got this problem, only you can solve it
But you gotta come to me
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched

-We'll see how beautiful you are once you take this off~ - He pulled at the rim of your shirt lightly. You grazed your fingertips over his muscled chest as a new song came on.
-Damn, Frau~ You're so hot~ You're making a devil like me sweat vhen I look at you! – He laughed into your ear, licking the outer shell of it, making you shiver with excitement once more.
You forgot about everything. About your annoying boss. About your best friends, probably wondering where you were right now. About everything.
That man.
That man was the only person on your mind right now. And nothing else mattered.
-You can't say much yourself, Mr. Awesome~ I have goose-bumps when I touch you~ - You murmured. You weren't lying – the goose-bumps were present on your skin since you noticed him checking you out back at the Club's entrance.

I never believed in love at first sight
But you made me wanna give it a try
You won't regret it, boy if you let me in

His sleek hands cupped your cheeks, his thumbs making circles over your cheekbones. You seriously had enough of his teasing right now.
You smashed your lips onto his, startling him a bit with your directness, but just for a brief second. His fingers moved from your cheeks to your loose hair, lacing themselves happily.
You, on the other hand, slid your hands down to his shirt and dug them under, grazing his chest. It worked.
His mouth opened slightly, a deep growl coming from his mouth. You took the opportunity and slid your tongue into his mouth, soon the both of you were fighting for dominance, which you won over a while with your stubbornness.

I can be your lady, you can be my baby
So don't keep me waiting
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched

You explored him mouth by every centimetre, well-aware of the saliva tricking down the both of your chins, sweat covering your foreheads.
Was it just you or did the Club just turned up to 100 degrees?
You felt Gilbert suck on your top lip.
- Damn, why is he so good with this?! - You asked yourself mentally, moaning into the "kiss" slightly.
He slowly withdrew from it, wiping his chin with a smirk as a passer-by in the club shouted "Get a room, you two!" from away.

'Cause I've got this problem, only you can solve it
But you gotta come to me
I wanna be touched, wanna be touched

-Say, ______...Vant to continue this somewhere less-crowded? – He growled into your ear, the hairs on your neck standing up once more.
-Hell yes~ - And with that, he grasped your hand, leading you away from the dance floor.

This is a S-O-N-G-F-I-C.
The song is called "Touched" by BoA...and it's damn good. Have a listen, matches Mr. Prussia perfectly. :iconsexyprussiaplz:

This has been requested by :iconhyperactivnitwit:
And I'm sorry it took so long! I was grounded for AGEZZZ. :iconcryforeverplz:
BUT HEY! LE MOI IS BACK! :iconevilgrinplz:

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia, the song, or the picture.
Just the plot.
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