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October 4, 2012
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I got a hangover, whoa!
I've been drinking too much for sure!
I got a hangover, whoa!
I got an empty cup,
Pour me some more!

You groaned, putting one of your wobbly hands on your aching head. It was damn sore. You winced as you tried getting up, only more pain shooting through you, but the most of it coming from your head and...your lower regions!
You gasped.
- What happened yesterday?! - You wiggled your toes, sending more pain from your inner thighs to your pelvis. DAMN!

~*Le flashback*~

You laughed like a madman, drinking more from the beer glass, narrowing your clouded, misty eyes at the Prussian man. He looked at you in the same way at you.
-Kesesesesesese! _______! You'll *hic* never beat me! *hic* - He laughed, clutching his sides, the alcohol clearly kicking in.
So let me make this clear for you – Call me your "Flashback Sensei"! You were invited to a huge party by Alfred F. Jones, and from a calm boogie night, this has changed off into a night of drinking (heavy drinking, at that), snogging and...fucking one another like there's no tomorrow.
Back to the point.

So I can go until I blow up, eh
And I can drink until I throw up, eh
And I don't ever ever want to grow up, eh
I wanna keep it going, keep keep, keep it going, going, going, going...

You sat on Gilbert's lap, giggling madly as he roamed his hands around your waist, grinning.
-You're so hot, ______~ May I have you today~?
-JA, JA!

~*End of flashback*~

Your eyes snapped open and you sat right up once you noticed you were lying on something.  
You glanced over at the "someone", automatically noticing the silver hair, messier than ever before, his crimson eyes closed in peaceful sleep. But his neck...full of bruises, bitemarks and was YOURS!
You quickly glanced at you exposed body, noticing his body was stark naked as well. Your face turned bright scarlet, your hand swiftly jumping down beside the couch, grabbing the closest clothing, seeing it was yours. It was practically RUINED.

I got a little bit trashed last night, night,
I got a little bit wasted, yeah yeah!
I got a little bit mashed last night, night,
I got a little shhh faced it, yeah yeah!

You stood up wobbly, noticing your pelvis and thighs completely red, and sore too!
- Oh, God, WHY?! What the fuck happened?! - You asked yourself, mentally beating yourself to death.
-I see you woke up, da-a-ahhh... – You heard a Russian man groan. You turned your head around, seeing Ivan clutch his head. He was wearing a Belarusian and an Ukrainian flag around his tall, muscular body, his scarf still wrapped around his neck.
-Y-Yeah...Do you remember what happened? – You asked while putting on your (b/c) bra. You were just too tired and in pain to care who saw what.
And the rest were asleep anyway.
-Nyet, I do not. – He sighed.
You quickly got dressed, biting your bottom lip. From all sighs you have witnessed, it seems like you had some smexy time with Mr. Five Meters of Awesomeness himself~

I got a hangover, whoa!
I've been drinking too much for sure,
I got a hangover, whoa!
I got an empty cup,
Pour me some more!

-N-N-Noooooooo! You bloody gits! Where are the keys to this bloody thing?! – You and Ivan both turned around to the filthy doorway, seeing Arthur with nothing but a black apron around his waist running into the room with Alfred, who was in his crumpled, half-open white shirt and boxers with an American flag on them, and Nikola, a girl with blood-red hair and green, evil eyes, wearing both the American and British flag wrapped around her tall figure. The trio, with the Brit leading them into the room, his face bright crimson, his bushy eyebrows furrowed downwards in pure rage, was clearly fully awake, pulling the other two sleepy heads, who rubbed their eyes tiredly.
They were handcuffed.
Looks like someone had a very hot threesome~
-Arthur, shut up, will ya'? Everyone's still clearly asleep... – Nikola groaned in slight annoyance, snuggling her head onto Alfred's chest in exhaustion.
Arthur's face just got redder, his cheeks being puffed out in rage.
-Oh, England! Da, I know! Yesterday, Nikola passed the keys to these handcuffs to her brother Feliks after locking them! – On the mention of her name, Nikola opened her eyes fully, smiling warmly at the Russian, who repeated the gesture.

So I can go until I blow up, eh
And I can drink until I throw up, eh
And I don't ever ever want to grow up, eh
I wanna keep it going, keep keep, keep it going, come on!

Everyone knew Ivan and Nikola were best of all companions, and although Nikola was Polish, this didn't stop them from having a drinking contest on every party possible. In fact, this even encouraged them to do so~
-Thanks, Ivan! – Nikola sing-sung, and giggled at Alfred, who wrapped a secure arm around her, smiling weakly.
-Bloody wankers! Get over here! – Arthur pulled the two love-birds out, looking for the Polish man, who apparently has the keys.
-AWWWW, come on, Iggy! Everyone must have heard you moaning Nikola's name yesterday~ - Alfred's voice echoes through the corridors, Nikola joining into his laughter as a result.
You giggled, knowing how annoyed the Brit must have looked now.
-Veeee~ Germany, my head hurts! Oh, look, Germany, out shirts are glued! – You looked past the Russian, to see Ludwig, his face blood red when he saw his and the Italian Feli's shirts glued together with a green substance, both of their lower bodies naked.

Drink up, cause a party ain't a party til you ride all threw it!
End up on the floor, can't remember you clueless!
Officer like what the hell is you doin'!
Stopping it, trouble it, you know you know what? Come again!

You laughed so loudly, you woke up half of the room's crowd, who rubbed their heads and blinked in confusion, some in embarrassment.
-Ah, meine Liebe, you were SOOOOO hot yesterday~ - You heard a German accent from beside you, as two strong arms wrapped around your sore waist.
You were so nervous from doing it with him couldn't imagine as Nikola could have done it with TWO GUYS!
Nikola and you were really good friends, she was a bit of a stubborn vampire, acting like one anyways. She was shy around new people, but once she got to know them, she was LIVING HELL. Just like her older brother, Polish, Feliks.

Give me (gimme) Henn, Give me (gimme) gin, give me (gimme) champagne!
Bubbles til' the end!
What happens after that, if you inspired til I'm ten!
Like oh my homie GILLIE*, we can all sip again!

But she was honest and knew when to shut up once she needed to.
-How far have we gone? – You whispered, loud enough for only the Prussian to hear you.
-Well~ You asked for it, Frau~ You were the one who dragged me into this~ Kissing me and biting like mad---
-Stop, I need no more details! – You shut your ears with your palms, feeling your face heat up.
-AAAAAAH! – You all turned your heads to see poor Romano run into the room, tied up ENTIRELY in white, ripped clothing to Antonio, who was laughing his usual warm laugh, not having a care in the world. – WHAT THE CRAPOLA HAPPENED HERE?!
You snorted, crossing your arms over your sore chest.
-You and Spain~ DAYUM! – You and Gilbert both made cat-noises, laughing as the Italian tsundere got redder "than Spain's precious tomatoes!" and took off into the corridor.

Don't mean like I said, I'm too intelligent!
A little jack can't hurt this veteran!
I show up but I never throw up, so let the drinks go up, go up!

Then something extraordinary happened.
Matthias Kohler, himself, ran into the room.
Lukas looked unamused, as usual, letting Matthias do the freaking-out show. He was wearing the Dane's national flag around his pale form, Matthias wearing his flag in return.
Looks like handcuffs are rather popular these days!

I got a hangover, whoa!
I've been drinking too much for sure,
I got a hangover, whoa!
I got an empty cup,
Pour me some more!

-WE SHOULD SO REPEAT THAT AGAIN! – You shouted on top of your voice, throwing your hands up into the air, grinning like an idiot.
Then the arms around your waist tightened their grip on you, and you shivered as you felt hot breath over your ear.

So I can go until I blow up, eh
And I can drink until I throw up, eh
And I don't ever ever want to grow up, eh
I wanna keep it going, keep keep, keep it going, come on!

-Frau, if you want me to occupy your vital regions so badly, you should have just said~
He let you go as you smacked him over the head, but your massive grin not leaving your face.
You were extremely sure it wouldn't leave so easily.
-Ohonohnohnoh! Mon dieu, I'm still h-here! Ehe-ehehehe! - You turned you head to find...oh God.
But what was he doing behind the couch you and Gilbert probably has smexy time with each other on?!
You grimaced when the sound of choking and vomiting filled the air.
-Francis, you okay? - You asked, a bit worried.
Soon, the Frenchman poked his head from the couch.
You couldn't stop the eruption of laughter from your sore lips once he got up, using the couch frame as a support, wearing absolutely NOTHING.
Francis stood up proudly on his wobbly legs and started...singing.
You face-palmed.
LOL I had to include France, right? Credit goes to :iconmurasaki5811: for giving the idea! x3
Thank you!

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I had SO much fun writing this! :iconlaughingplz:
I hope you enjoy this S-O-N-G-F-I-C!
I have a sudden urge for SongFics.
So yeah.

*GILLIE - It's "Taio", originally, but we're not gonna say that, are we?! xD LOL I just said Gillie instead!

"Taio Cruz ft. Flo Rida ~ Hangover" is the song used.

This is a little "gift" for one person that probably follows me the most! It's :iconshihagami:! I really hope you like it! This is made especially for you! Thank you for your support!

And thanks to everyone for your support too! I appreciate it! x3

I AM NIKOLA! I'm in the story too, and I'm your BFF! Hehe~

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the preview picture (admit it, it's SMEXY), the song (it's badass), nor Hetalia. But I do own the plot.
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