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August 12, 2012
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Chapter 4

Your eyes snapped open when you heard the bush under your living room's window rustle suspiciously. You sat up quickly and took your baseball bat, which you happened to hide under your couch (in case, and this was one of them). You stood up and gripped the handle tight, expecting the worst, especially since it was late evening. You approached the open window, hearing whispers, not quite able to make out who's voices they were.
-Kesesesese~~ Francis, you better vatch out on her, I heard she's a feisty one! – One voice hissed in a slight German accent.
-Si, amigo, beware. I met her on the fair today...but, what exactly are you trying to do, hmmm? – The Spanish accent sing-sung.
Then a proud laugh filled the air.
-Ohonhonhonhon~ Mon ami, I'm going to use my charm on her to get New Land back~~ And you're all going to help moi~
-Kesesese, how's that, Francis?
-We're all going to be sweet and charm her, while I take New Land away, mon cherie~
-But isn't it obvious----OWWW! – The Spaniard shouted as you hit his head with your clenched fist.
-TONI! You bastard! For how long have you---YOU! – You pointed at the French blonde – with the name of Francis, as you heard before - who stood up proudly from the bush. You remembered – it was the French who stormed into your house with Arthur that day. You felt your face flush up with rage and you took out your baseball bat, standing in a fighting position. His smirk didn't leave his face, although you were sure you caught a glimpse of fear shine in his cyan eyes.
You felt a hand on your shoulder and Arthur's whisper, full of anger.
-Francis, you bloody shit beard...Get out before I literally turn you into a frog. – He narrowed his eyes at the scared Francis, who backed away slowly.
-Kesesesese~ England, how about a drink to calm down? – You turned your attention to the Albino, who took out a bottle of what looked like German beer.
-Gilbert Beilschmidt. Prussia. How nice to see you again. – Arthur growled sarcastically. – I'm not going to drink with you, bloody wanker. What did you do to ________?
-Us, amigo? Nothing! We just wanted---
-They wanted to take Alfred away, Arthur! – You cried, making Arthur gasp and his eyes widened.
-They what?! SHIT BEARD! – He grabbed Francis' collar and raised him up surprisingly high up. – What the hell do you think you're doing with ______ and Alfred?! – He shouted in such rage, it scared you a little.
-Und since vhen do you care about the both of them, England? – Gilbert smirked, making the Englishman drop Francis with a red blush on his cheeks.
You heard the French chuckle.
-Ohonhonhonhon~ Could it be that The Famous United Kingdom fall in LOVE? – At Francis' comment, him and the Prussian burst out laughing. Toni looked at you with the "I'm sorry" look.
-Kesesesese~ Mein Gott!
-Who would want England anyway? Ohonhonhon, he can't even charm women properly~! And Georgia doesn't even care~ She just wants the New Land for herself~
-Ja, you told me! Vhat vas it? "She yanked her hand away vhen Iggy tried to be nice"?
You felt your cheeks turn a shade of scarlet as you clenched your fists, dropping the baseball bat with a large "thump", shot the trio a death glare and ran upstairs, feeling the tears of rage gather up in your eyes. How could they? – You told yourself when you opened the doors to the only bedroom in the house, where Alfred slept peacefully and closed the doors quietly (although you wanted the opposite) not to wake up the sleeping boy – that was the only reason.
You threw yourself onto the bed angrily and buried your head into the soft pillows. It's not that you were sad, no, you didn't really care what they said about you, usually you'd beat the living HELL out of them...But they offended Arthur. And that filled you with rage.
You weren't exactly sure why. You grew close to the Kirkland for the past days you two spent together with Alfred...And you had this feeling that Arthur...wasn't trying to sulk up to you anymore. The way he looked at you and Alfred...The way he smiled, laughed, chuckled, puffed out his cheeks and all...It was genuine.
-Mama...why are you crying? – You snapped your eyes open and sat up to find Alfred resting his head on your knee. – What happen?
YAYAYAYAY! Chapter 4~ Included the Bad Touch Trio...
Yes, I know I made France mean to England..but isn't he like this anyway? And Gil takes chances to laugh...
Hope you enjoy.
Rates and comments highly appreciated! \(^.^)/

I do NOT own the Picture or Hetalia.
And Iggy owns you. ;)

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