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August 10, 2012
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Chapter 3

You grinned at the Brit, who happened to hold Alfred up and twirl him around, resulting in a small giggle from the boy.
You three were standing in the middle of the colourful fair, the sun beaming down at you. Arthur had invited you and Alfred over – you still weren't exactly sure if he was still sulking up or not – to the fair, stuffed with pink sweets, fast foods, tonnes of toys and a lot of roller-coasters.
-cough- Heaven for Alfred –cough-
You were still surprised at Alfred's rapid growth. A week ago, when you found him with Tino, he looked like a small baby – no more than a year old. Now he looked like he was two or three.
He seemed to really enjoy Arthur's company. Although they fought about nearly everything – from tidiness and diet to likes and dislikes, and believe it or not, Alfred has a big mouth and heaps of arguments to stand up for – they seemed close.
Like a father and son...
You quickly shook your head. If you were Alfred's "Mama", and Arthur was his "Papa"....
The Republic of Georgia and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would become allies, both having the New Land.
No, no, no, NO!
You knew it well – Allies. One way ticket.
Your face flushed scarlet at the thought of being married to Arthur Kirkland. You looked down on your shoes, clutching the giant, brown teddy that Alfred won in a little competition (with the help of Arthur, of course).
You snapped back into reality when someone tapped your shoulder. It was no one else but Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, A.K.A Spain. His emerald eyes twinkled as a small boy sat on his shoulder. The boy was Alfred's size, only more tanned, with a glare of his hazelnut eyes, he shouted as the Spaniard ruffled his chocolate hair, avoiding the big, standing-out curl. He was holding a big, juicy tomato. You remembered that boy. Romano.
-Oi, you tomato bastard! Stop touching me already! – He shouted down at Antonio, who just laughed. His attention went back to you.
-Hey, ________, I heard you're getting better with Artie, hmm? – He only laughed harder when your cheeks burnt up again and you looked down.
-W-Well... – You stuttered – Alfred really likes him...
-Nah, I'm talking about you---
-Oi, idiota! – Romano hit Antonio's head hard, resulting in a pout from the Spaniard. – Don't stick your nose into other's business!
-Awwww, I just wanted info~~ - The Spaniard pouted again and left as the small boy on his shoulder started to pull his hair.
You chuckled and waved at them as they left.
Then you gasped when you felt strong arms wrap around your waist from behind and a breath of Earl Grey tea fill your nostrils.
-You're enjoying yourself~? – The British accent against your cheek made it heat up in an extremely short time.
-Mama! Mama! Artie bought me a burger! – Just as you swiftly turned around, with Arthur still clinging to your waist, Alfred came over and tugged your trousers. You smiled and picked him up. He let out a small giggle and looked at the burger suspiciously.
You were very harsh towards fast foods, especially when Alfred didn't eat fruits and vegetables fondly. That's why you always tried to order him at least a Big Mac with tomatoes, salad and all...
-Thank you, Arthur. – You smiled as he let you go and looked at the sky, digging his fingers in his hair with a sigh.
-It's really no, where should we go now? – You looked down at Alfred, who rubbed his eye with a yawn. You smiled and kissed his cheek.
-I guess Alfred is a bit sleepy.
-Am not!
-Yes, you are. Don't worry, Alfred, we'll come back here again, Mama will pay---
-Oh no. – Arthur interrupted lightly – It's fine, I'll pay.
-N-No, it's really fine...
-I insist. – He said calmly, but you still caught the harsh tone in his voice.
-A-All right then, if you say so. – You smiled at him, resulting in a smile back.
You slowly walked out of the fair, letting Arthur carry Alfred back to your home.

(Le time skip~~)

You took out the warm scones out of the oven carefully and laid them on a colourful plate as Arthur put Alfred to sleep in the other room. You put them on the table in the living room and the Earl Grey tea beside it. You sat on one of the couches and yawned. Indeed, the day was warm, but exhausting.
You slowly closed your eyes...
-Where's the senorita?!
-Kesesese~~ calm down~
-Oui, oui! Ohonhonhonhon~ I'm not sure if she's like to see me again...
-Si, si...
So, we're beginning on the shtuff!
Guess who you'll be meeting in the next chapter? ^.^

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Hetalia, or the Picture.
And Iggy owns you ;)

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