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Kyoya Ootori x Reader ~ The Serious One

You sat in your seat and looked at the clock with anger. The lesson was boring and annoyed you – you had much more important things to do, such as study maths that you always had problems with. The bell rung just as you packed your bag impatiently.
Just as you walked out of the room, you heard your teacher call after you.
-________, can I have a talk with you? – She called after you and your friends snickered at you. You backed away and came closer to her desk.
-Yes, Miss? – You asked, quite worried.
-Don't worry – you're not in trouble. I wanted to inform you that your maths teacher told me to tell you that she found a tutor for you. – You blinked at her words.
-Tutor? – You asked, confused.
-Yes. A clever student from this school will come over to your house at seven p.m. everyday, starting from today.
-Oh...Okay. Thanks, Miss. – You nodded at her and left the classroom of doom. You didn't want anyone to tutor you, to see your house or see your neighbours. Let's be honest – you just weren't comfortable with a stranger coming into your house and TEACHING you! You weren't that bad!...Or so you thought.

~*Le time skip*~

It was ten minutes until seven p.m. You finished all your homework (except maths) and managed to clean the house. Your dad, with whom you lived, was at work and your mother went grocery shopping, so the house was empty. You made some tea and put biscuits on the small coffee table.
You sighed when you heard a knock on your door, which meant that the person who was going to tutor you has already met your nosy, old neighbours and saw your apartment lot.
You were scared – what if it was someone popular who's going to tell everyone about where and how you live? – But you were excited to seeing who it was.
You opened the door, and to your surprise, you saw...
-Ootori-san?! – You gasped, your (e/c) eyes going wide at the sight of the tall brunette with his grey, shining eyes. He put his glasses on. He was still wearing his Ouran uniform, unlike you, with your (s/c) shirt and (j/c) jeans.
-Yes, hello, Ms. ________. I'm here to tutor you for maths. Can I come in? – He asked politely and you quickly nodded, moving away from the doors to let him in. He came in and looked around.
-It's a very interesting area you live in, Ms. ________. – He smiled.
-Please, call me _________. – You smiled back and he nodded.
-All long as you call me Kyoya.
-Can I call you Kyoya-senpai?
-You may.
-Okay. – You guided him into the living room. – Please, make yourself at home. I'll bring the tea and maths books in a minute. – You left him in there and ran upstairs to get the books.

~*Le time skip...again. Get used to it!*~

When you came back to the living room, Kyoya was leaning on the table, reading through papers.
You grinned.
-Kyoya-senpai...I hope you don't mind commoner tea? – You asked and he looked up at you. He shook his head and smiled.
-No, it's good. Now, tell me, ________-san, what maths chapter do you have problems with?
You sighed.
-Algebra, trigonometry and patterns. – You looked away.
Kyoya nodded.
-Alright, let's get going then, shall we?


After fifteen minutes with Kyoya tutoring you, you already understood algebra and remembered all ways of counting.
You looked at the clock. 9 p.m.
-Kyoya-senpai...I'm not trying to be rude, but...aren't you tired? It's 9 p.m. already. – You asked and he grinned.
-Yes, you're right. Well, I'll come over tomorrow. We'll get going on trigonometry.
You walked him to the doors.
-Is someone here to collect you? – You asked.
-Yes, my car is standing outside.
-Car, or limo?
You laughed.
-All right, I see. Thank you for your help.
-It's really no problem.
-Have a good night! – You waved at him as he left.


It was already a year since Kyoya was tutoring you, you found new maths problems, but solved much more of them pretty quick with his help.
You even became good friends with Kyoya and you already called him without the –senpai ending and you caught him call you without the –san ending a few times.
It was summer holidays and Kyoya told you that he'll still come over, which was weird. He wasn't planning on tutoring you during summer, was he?
When you heard a knock on the door, you opened it to find...
-Honey-chan? – You grinned at the small blonde with gorgeous brown eyes. You met him one day when Kyoya forgot his folder (you didn't think it was by accident) and Honey came bursting into your apartment on Mori-senpai's back. You had to give him your favourite chocolate cake back then.
-Hai~,  ________-chan!
-Hello, Honey-chan, Mori-senpai! What brings you here?
-Kyoya-chan asked us to bring you over to his private beach!
-Oh, sorry! That was supposed to be a surprise! – He giggled.
-Huh? Beach?
-Yes! Bring your swimming suit!
It was only now that you noticed Honey was wearing yellow swimming pants, Mori-senpai was wearing grey ones. The sun shone brightly.
-Where is the beach?
-Far away! We'll drive you there, right, Takashi?
-Then come in, I'll be back in a minute! Oh, yes, Honey-chan, there's a special cake in the fridge that you might want to taste, and Mori-senpai, there's that white tea that you like in the kitchen! – You shouted when the came in from upstairs.
You burst into your room and flung the doors into your wardrobe open, throwing everything out, looking for your (c/c) costume. You panicked.
- WHERE IS IT?! - You asked yourself, beating your inner self for not being organised enough.


You sat in the big limo with Honey on your lap as you had your arms around him and he giggled happily and Mori sat in front of you.
-Oh, oh, _______-chan, do you like Kyoya-chan? – You immediately blushed when you heard Honey ask you this.
-Well...he's handsome and smart and all...but, oh, I don't know. I don't know how it feels. – You quietly pouted – Do you, Honey-chan?
You felt like you became good friends with Kyoya, you did care about him. But was it love?
Honey thought for a while.
-No, dunno, but I'm sure you'll know soon! – He grinned at you as the limo stopped.


You sat in the shade of the giant umbrella as Honey jumped around in the water and Mori sat at the edge of the pool with a blank face.
Suddenly, someone put a hand over your mouth and you desperately tried to mumble something out, anything, but someone was already pulling you into the forest.
You tried to break free but you only got pulled by strong arms more and more. It was around fifteen minutes until your kidnapper stopped and hugged you from behind with his strong arms.
You turned your head to come face to face with...
-Kyoya?! – You gasped when he turned you around and cupped your face.
-Just a little surprise for your hard efforts in studying. – He explained, getting closer to you. You looked into his silver eyes and he looked into your (e/c) eyes.
You knew this was it.
-Kyoya...I was always meant to thank you for your help... - You whispered, starting to blush more and more as he got closer to you.
-Thank me in a different way. – He said seductively and you pressed your lips against his. He didn't object – in fact, he put you on his lap and kept his hands on your back, pulling you closer. You laced your hands into his dark as night hair.
All too soon, his lips parted from yours, and he helped you stand up. He took out his glasses from the pocket of his trunks and put them on casually.
-We better get going. – And with that, he went off to the direction of the other Host members, leaving you standing there with a dumbfounded face.
Such tease, huh?
LOL I love the ending to this! :iconevilgrinplz:
You fangirls thought Kyoya would go all the way with other Hosts around him?
No way. LOL I can imagine all those disappointed faces! xD :iconromanorapeface2plz: Forget it! Me is evil!
And yes...a lot of time-skips. *le shrug* What? Everyone loves time-skips, admit it!

This was kind of requested by :iconvianka99:
Hope you enjoy!

*evil grin* Admit it, Kyoya's the sexiest of them all~

DISCLAIMER: I do not own OHSHC or the Picture. Just the plot.
And Kyoya CLEARLY owns you ;)
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Thanks for the story!! :3
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thank you!
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I kindly want to join XD
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EmpressVietnam Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I like Kyoya. He is my favorite but I think he has gone a little too far. Great story though. :clap:
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