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September 29, 2012
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Kaoru Hitachiin x Reader One-Shot ~ Lost Wallet

You walked around the empty Ouran Academy past school hours, looking for your lost wallet. It was small and got lost all the time. You sighed at the thought of searching through the whole school to look for it. You gasped as your phone rung in the pocket of your (color) jeans. You got to wear these since the Host Club performed a "punk" theme and since you waited tables, you wore tight jeans with a ripped (color) t-shirt and sneakers.
You picked up the phone quickly, and to your surprise, it was Kaoru Hitachiin, your long-time crush.
-Hey, _______-chan, we found your wallet! – The Hitachiin Brothers knew how easily you lost your wallet and they knew how it looked by now.
You blinked and sighed in relief.
-Where are you? – You asked quickly.
-Hey, Hikaru, where are we~? Hmm, looks like Texas to us! – Kaoru teased and you heard the Twins snicker lightly.
-You brats! Tell me where you are this instant! I need my wallet! – You shouted at the top of your voice (and you had a loud one).
-Okay, okay! Just don't shout anymore, okay? Hikaru will need hearing aids! – Kaoru snapped as Hikaru snickered. – We're at the school campus.
You switched off your phone swiftly and tore through Ouran at an insane speed. Soon, you reached the campus and sighed in relief when you saw the Hitachiin twins.
Your eyes narrowed in fury when you saw them looking through the tiny pictures in your wallet and laugh out loud. Soon, you blushed and froze as Hikaru shot out his index and middle finger into the air, a picture of Kaoru between them. You noticed Kaoru blush as well and he looked around to see you. But it was too late. You already took off running off in your (j/c) jeans as the first silvery tears hit your eyes. You heard the twins call after you, but you didn't even turn around to look at them. You were embarrassed at yourself – they found out that you feel something to Kaoru.

~*Le time skip*~

You ran home, kicked the doors open, ignored the maids running up to you, ran up the majestic stairs and lock yourself in your room, lying on the bed and crying your eyes out.
You were furious with yourself – how could you let yourself loose the God damn wallet again? Your crush found about your feelings towards him!
And what if Kaoru doesn't like you that way? He treats you just like Haruhi!
Haruhi...that was a different case. It was very hard to calm yourself as Haruhi was usually in the center of attention of the Hitachiin twins, being friends with everyone in the Host Club. Always being liked.
More than you.
You just sat there, staring into the ceiling, when you heard the main door flung open and Kaoru's loud voice shouting for you.
You sat up quickly, stood up and hid in your wardrobe, using the extra time to pick a comfortable position as your maids hushed Kaoru and tried to get him out of the house.
- What am I doing?! It's my house! But I can't face him...not like this. - You thought, shutting your eyes and squeezing your knees to your chest even more.
You gulped when you heard Kaoru's heavy footsteps coming closer to your room and the door being flung open.
-_______! Where are you?! – He shouted and closed the doors behind himself with a large 'thump'. You stayed dead quiet.
He sighed and fall down on the bed.
-I know you're here. Look, I'm sorry for being so loud...I guessed I scared you...Hikaru and myself...we...we apologize for looking through your wallet. It was immature...we didn't know...________, why do you have a picture of me in your wallet? – At that, he opened the wardrobe doors slowly and pulled you out of the wardrobe.
-_________, will you mind answering, for God's sake? – He asked and you looked away, piercing your lips shut.
He sighed and plunked down on the floor beside you, waiting for you to answer. You didn't move an inch, neither did you speak.
After five minutes, Kaoru got up and started to walk to the doors, clearly leaving. You looked at the bed – he left your wallet lying.
You didn't even know that you suddenly got up, ran up to him, clung to the back of his shirt and buried your head in it. He gasped and stopped, his hand squeezing the door knob.
-_-______... – He whispered – Why---
-Kaoru...I love you. – You managed to choke out. You felt his muscles get tense.
He turned around and let you bury your head into the front of his shirt. He hugged you lightly, not saying anything.
You gasped as he swept you off your feet and carried you bridal style over to the bed, laying you on your back, him being on top of you, looking into your eyes with his golden green ones.
You didn't move. that why you have a picture of me? – He asked quietly.
You nodded, unable to speak from the shock that he was so close to you.
You gasped as he lay his lips onto yours gently. You blinked and couldn't quite believe your luck. It was his turn to gasp when you laced your hands into his auburn hair and pulled him down, closer to you. You rolled him so you lay on his chest and he let his hands wander around your body that sent butterflies in your belly and shivers down your spine.
He licked your bottom lip, asking for entrance, which you gladly allowed him. He explored your mouth slowly, taking in every millimeter of your throat. He slowly withdrew when he was done, and you lay your forehead on his as he stared into your (color) eyes lovingly.
-I love you too, _______...From the first day I met you...that time at school. – He smiled, which made your heart flutter.
You fell asleep, wrapped up in his strong and warm embrace.

The End.
YAY! I got my Kaoru x Reader done! xD
I am a total fangirl of Kaoru! I like Hikaru, but Kaoru... :iconrainbowdroolplz:

So yeah, enjoy! xD

I totally enjoyed writing this!
Well, not totally, but you get the idea.

OH KAORU! :iconfrenchsquealplz:

DISCLAIMER: I do not own OHSHC or the picture.
And Kaoru owns you ;)
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