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October 6, 2012
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Embraced by Darkness

-Ah, Izaya...I knew it was you. – You grinned evilly, sensing the presence of a person behind you, coming closer.
You heard his dark laugh, his footsteps getting closer to you.
-Well, ______, I see your senses are still working. – You turned around, with that grin still plastered onto your face, (e/c) orbs meeting with those hypnotizing, brown crimson eyes of his.
He didn't change much since the last time you saw him – black clothing, same, warm jacket, black, messy hair, glowing eyes and that cocky smirk of his made your blood boil.
-Why wouldn't they be? I'm still on duty. – You turned around, staring off into the darkness, flashing lights coming from the city hidden by the building you were surrounded with.
-What duty are you on about? Killing everyone that looks better than you? – He mocked, crossing his arms over his chest.
Your smile just widened, you felt your fists clench.
-I'm not just "killing". I'm "cleansing".
-Why do you always act as if you were God?
-Why shouldn't I?
-Because you're just like them.
-"Them"? – You turned your head around, your (h/l), (h/c) loose hair blowing in the cold wind of the night. This just made Izaya grin.
-Everyone's the same. – He started, in his "wasn't-that-obvious" voice, making you groan. You knew this off by heart now. – No exceptions. All of them.
-Equal before God. – You finished the sentence for him, smiling wildly.
You took out a card from your sleeve.
The Black Predator, or so you liked calling it.
It was a card with a dark figure painted by hand on it, standing in a position of a cat ready to jump at its prey, a scythe in one of his hands.
You played with the card between your index and middle finger.
-You actually listen to me?! – Izaya teasingly put his hand over the place on his chest where his heart lay.
You turned your head away from him, sitting down on the edge of the tall building, your long, black coat moving to the direction of the wind.
-Why do you always tease me, huh, Izaya? – You slid the card onto your sleeve, taking out a blade from the inner pocket of the coat, throwing it off into the distance.
A quick scream of agony filled the air.
You knew who it was. A human. A sinner. Walking there casually, as if he didn't kill an innocent woman a few hours back.
You smiled to yourself, proud of your skills.
-Because I like to watch your face. – Sudden breath on your ear made you sit up in your place, eyes snapping fully open, until you realized it was Izaya whispering onto your ear. – I enjoy watching those emotions of yours.
-Idiot. I barely show emotions. – You snorted, glad of the darkness surrounding the two of you, since your face wasn't blushing, but you were blinking far more than necessary.
-Exactly. – Izaya whispered once more. – You are unreadable. Not like the rest of the humans I adore, keep everything shut. So I need to do something to get you open. And when I succeed, I take pleasure in watching the results.
You looked straight in front of yourself, trying to calm down your nerves.
What was happening to you?! Many men played that trick on you, but you shrugged them off with ease, and Izaya? He was a sadist, enjoying others' emotions and suffering, watching it with pure excitement.
But perhaps...
-I don't doubt your ways of exposing my emotions, Izaya...but really, you won't break me. – You stood up, turning around to see him in a crouching position, looking up at you with a smirk.
-Is that so? – He also stood up, grabbing your hand, just as you were about to walk off. You were forced to turn back to face him, your eyes making contact with those brown garnets used as his eyes.
It was a pain to look at him, the warmth you felt in your stomach not helping.
Was this what people called "butterflies in the stomach"?
Well, to you, they were certainly NOT butterflies, it felt as if someone decided to kick and punch you in the stomach, making you feel slightly sick.
You ripped your hand away from his grasp, turning around and taking off running towards the edge of the building, jumping down swiftly, landing on both legs with ease. You continued running, although you knew far too well that Izaya would find you pretty fast.

~*Le time skip*~

-_____, where have you been? – Your friend, Nikola asked you, raising her blood red brow at you suspiciously.
-Away. – You simply replied, barging into the house.
Well, it was hard to call this place a house, since the only thing stored there were weapons of all sorts, from scythes, to knives to shotguns, everything you could ever imagine...and Nikola was the guardian of the sacred "house".
-Don't tell me it's Izaya again! – She growled. – Seriously, we all know you two have a thing for each other!
-Impossible. – You were lying.
Lying, and Nikola knew that, but decided on not fighting with you, since you were basically too busy with searching through barrels and craters of weapons, soon finding your treasure.
-Oh, these! – You marvelled at the blades, shining proudly in the dim lights of the candles. They were slim and long, as long as from your wrist to the elbow, your favourite.
-Are you coming back? To him? – You heard Nikola ask in a dark voice as you were about to leave.
-No. I'm going out. – And with that, you left.

~*Le time skip...again!*~

You walked through the narrow, dark spaces between the abandoned houses, one blade lying on your palm, squeezed down by the thumbs, and your hand flipped so your knuckles were pointed upwards.
You walked like this, your senses "switched on" fully, sensitive on any sound.
You kept your face straight.
You turned around on your heels in a matter of mere seconds, coming face to face with no other person than Mr. Orihara himself, his face small inches away from yours.
-Hello _____~ - Izaya's cocky smirk tried to distract you from the hands he gently placed on your knuckles, flipping your hand upside down. He unfolded your thumbs, taking out the blades you held in your hands.
-What are you planning, Izaya? – You asked, narrowing your eyes at him.
-Why so cold? – His face got closer to yours. You stayed brave and didn't show anything from your face, hearing him drop your blades onto the ground.
His hands travelled upwards, lacing into your loose hair.
-Izaya, get away----
You were cut off by a pair of lips crashing onto yours, knocking the breath out of you (literally) as you were pushed against the wall behind you. Your eyes were wide open, seeing Izaya's eyes staring right at you, and you felt him smirk onto the kiss. You had enough of his teasing, and shut your eyes, placing your arms around his neck, pulling him closer.
You knew you surprised him, since his smirk was gone, but now you weren't expecting his hands to leave your hair, sliding your coat off your shoulders as his lips moved in a rough accord with your own.
You were the first one to break the kiss, just to take a short breath. Izaya opened his mouth with a smirk, wanting to say something, but that wasn't your plan.
You pulled him down by the collar of his jacket, letting your lips stick to his own, and you felt him laugh shortly into the kiss at your forwardness. You smirked back, before Izaya pulled you away from him by your shoulder, his mesmerizing eyes staring into your own.
-I always loved humans...But looks like I have a sweet side to you~ - His cocky smirk appeared once more, and you playfully smacked his arm.
-Walk me home? – You smiled evilly at him.
-Fuck yesh~
I was actually shivering with excitement as I wrote that!
LOL I started watching "Durarara!" just recently (that's my synonim for the word "today" xD) and I'm already UTTERLY IN LOVE with Izaya!
IZAYA FTW! :iconsexyizayaplz:
So, this was requested by :iconlizevans: and she influenced me to love Izaya...I REGRET NOTHING! xD

So, I hope you enjoy.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Durarara! nor the preview picture, just the plot, so don't steal! D<
And Izaya-kun owns you! ;)
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