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Hong Kong x Reader ~ Japan's home and Your Memory

You woke up on a grassy ground.
Urgh...what has happened to me? Where am I? - The questions raced in your head as you managed to get your weak hands to help you get up in the position of push-ups.
You looked around, trying to get the blur out of your eyes, and the shimmering golden ball in the sky was NOT helping.
You blinked a hundred times, before your eyes started co-operating. You found yourself in front of a giant Japanese-styled Shrine.
Japan? H-How did I get here?! - You asked yourself, pushing your limp body upwards to at least sit up. Your head began playing tricks with you and you got very dizzy, the blood flowing into your head with no mercy as you fell back down on your head, your upper body still up, leaning on the weak hands.
- UUUUURGHHH... – You groaned, feeling your hands begin to tremble dangerously.
You fell back with your whole body now, and saw a red blurry human approach you before you blacked out.

*~Le time Skip~*

You shifted uncomfortably, feeling a blanket wrapped around your limp body. You didn't open your eyes though. You were too warm and feeling secu---
You snapped your eyes open, only to find yourself in an empty, but cosy Japanese-styled room, the sunshine flooding the room nicely. The thin curtains flowing at the soft wind from the opened circular window, flowers in vases here and there, the small bed you were lying on soft...
You managed to stand up after a while of constant struggling and peek out from the sliding doors of the room.
The corridor was empty, but the sunshine from the windows gave them a welcoming feeling. You noticed your clothes consisted of a loose shirt, definitely a man's, and tight shorts, probably a small woman's. You had pink slippers on.
Oh God...WHO changed me into these? - You wondered, frowning lightly.
You walked out of the room, sliding the doors behind you. You walked through long and narrow corridors, to where the light was. ((A/N: I know, I know... xD No, you're not dead!))
You found yourself walking out to a Japanese-styled backyard, with strange brick-made fences running like a labyrinth, only that the fence was as high as your waist.
Your attention wasn't set on the red fence or the sunset, the birds chirping peacefully at the "Sakura" blossoms, the wind blowing lightly, enough to let your loose (h/c) locks move with it.
Your attention was completely set on the people in front of you.
A girl with a pink qipao with gold trim with long, flowing sleeves, and a long white skirt brushed her long, brown hair, frowning at something a man with a long, black ponytail said, his caramel eyes sparkling, waving his extremely long black sleeves everywhere in excitement.  Another man, with brown hair and a weird curl on the right side of his head, wearing a Korean hanbok in the shade of white and navy laid down on a huge Sakura tree branch, clearly asleep by his loud snoring, his long white sleeves dangling with the wind.
God, I'm surprised his nostrils don't hurt him yet from the volume he makes! - You thought and winced at the volume.
Then you lay your eyes at everyone's centre of attention.
A man in a Japanese, white military uniform with gold epaulets and frog clasps down in the front of the jacket was fighting with his katana against someone strangely familiar to you. The Japanese man's opponent's face was covered in dark brown bangs on the sides of his head, since you looked at him from the side. He wore a burgundy duangua with black piping and oversized sleeves, and dark brown trousers, which were half-covered by white spats he wore over his boots. His golden belt around his waist was loose, a few strands seemed to be cut away by a katana.
-Look, everyone! _______ is awake, aru! – The man with the ponytail exclaimed, straddling you. do you know my name? – You stuttered as the man came closer to you (or rather flew) and grinned.
-Of course, Mei Mei over there changed your clothing and found your ID documents, aru! – He pointed to the girl under the tree who frowned at the man, but send you a kind smile, which you also send her back.
You cringed and jumped when you heard a giant "thud" and saw the Korean-hanbok wearing man fell down the tree, still shifting, but not awake.
-I think it's better we leave him that way, aru. We don't want him molesting your chest, claiming it's his! – He laughed, causing the other men who were fighting to stop and stare at you with curiosity. – I'm Yao! Nice to meet you, aru! – He smiled, reaching out a hand to shake.
You took it gently and let him shake it roughly. ((A/N: I know, I made China a bit hyper...but hey! He's glad you're awake! XD))
You then saw someone's hand smack Yao's head and he pouted.
-That's not a way to greet guests who don't visit us often nowadays, now, is it, Yao? – The Japanese man stated, his brown eyes setting on you. – Konnichiwa, ________-san. My name is Kiku, Kiku Honda and I come from Japan. This is Mie Mei from Taiwan, as you probably heard from Yao, this Chinese...thing over here – He gestured to the pouting Yao on the ground, massaging his temple. – That sleepy pervert over there is Im Yong Soo. He's Korean. – You weren't really listening, since you made eye contact with somehow familiar pair of sparkling copper eyes who didn't show any emotion at all. These eyes were drowning you, devouring you, eating you alive...
-And that one over there...he's Kaoru. – Your eyes shot right wide open, something glistening in your mind. This name...
-Could you repeat that? – You asked the Japanese man, who seemed rather stunned at that.
-H-Hai...His name is Kaoru.
-Kaoru, Kaoru, Kaoru, Kaoru, Kaoru... – You repeated under your nose, knowing that the name was familiar to you.

~*Le Flashback*~

His voice echoed in your ears, you found yourself marvelling at his beautiful voice. Your eyes slowly fluttered open, only to see a pair of copper eyes looking down at you with concern and love.
-Kaoru... – You whispered, smiling happily and resting your head on his lap, sitting peacefully under a Sakura tree blossom. The lazy wind ruffled his chocolate hair and made your skin tingle. You felt the sun rays leave the land and slowly disappear, the flowers around you ticking your body, making you giggle occasionally.
-I love you. – You whispered, loud enough to let Kaoru hear you. You opened your eye slightly before giggling at Kaoru's red face, looking away, his mouth moving slightly.
-Sorry? I couldn't hear you~ - You giggled.
-I love you too, I said. – He looked further away, slightly shivering as you got up from his lap. You leaned your face closer to him and caressed his chin with your index finger, making his cheeks turn even darker. You made him look in your eyes.
-Really? – You whispered into his ear, making him shiver.
He just nodded, refusing to look at you.
-Kaoru... – You put your hand on his cheek and smiled reassuringly. What got you by surprise was his sudden cupping of your face and planting a kiss on your forehead.

~*End of Flashback*~

Your eyes widened as you saw several hands moving up and down in front of your face.
-Earth to ______, aru! – Yao grinned.
You looked back to where Kaoru was standing, but he was not there anymore.
-Where did Kaoru go? – You asked the Chinese and Japanese men who tried to get you back to reality.
-He went into his guest room. – Mei Mei suddenly came from behind Japan, pointing to the dark corridor of the house.

~*Le time skip*~

You slowly opened the sliding doors silently, peeking in a little to find Kaoru sitting on a mat, his eyes closed and his hands resting on his lap. His eyes shot open and he slowly turned his head to you, eye-ing you up and down.
-Kaoru... – You said softly, smiling gently.
His face was emotionless.
-Why are you here? – He asked in a monotone voice.
You tilted your head in confusion.
-W-What do you mean, Kaoru? Aren't you happy I'm here?
You came closer to him, tip-toeing silently, after closing the doors shut. He looked uneasy.
-You forgot... – Was all he said.
You heard him gasp when you (literally) threw yourself at him to embrace him, burying your head into his shirt.
-Kaoru, I don't know what happen! – You whispered, sighing. You did manage a smile when you felt his arm wrap around you. Silence took over.
-I love you.
These were the only things you needed.
These words.
These words hit you like a 6-metre wave of a crazy ocean, pounding thousands of memories with Kaoru, his genuine laugh, his tender touch, his love...These thought made you so warm if you missed something, a part of you, and now you re-united with it...
You knew you spaced out, and he knew that too. When your head jolted up to look into those wonderful eyes of his, you smiled.
-I remember...Kaoru...I love you.
It was your turn to gasp when his lips smashed onto yours with love and passion. His fingers laced in your silky, (h/c) hair and you quickly gave in, resting your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. He slowly slid his hand onto your back and made sure you're fine once he pushed you lightly on the floor of the room, being on top of you. Your hands snaked from his neck to the collar of his shirt and you started pulling at it, not-so-patiently. He broke away from you, gasping for breath and looking at your annoyed fingers latched up in the collar of his shirt with amusement.
You quickly retreated your fingers, turning scarlet.
-I...uh... – You stuttered, all of your confidence blowing out of the window, which was slightly open.
He then did something you never witnessed him do...
He smirked.
-It's fine, really. – He slowly took off his shirt. He was skinny...but his muscles were perfect size. Not too small, not too buff. You stared at it in awe. He smiled, making your stomach flip.
-Kaoru! ______! We're going to the restaurant, aru! We're leaving you two in Japan's house to mind, is that fine? – You heard Yao shout from the other side of the door. Kaoru put on a normal, monotone voice.
-Go ahead. – You stayed silent until the door to the house was shut tight and locked. You suddenly felt a hand on each of your wrists and Kaoru pinned you down on the floor.
-Kaoru...I love you. – You said barely above a whisper and he smiled lightly.
-I love you too. – He said with love before capturing your lips in a kiss again.


I am NOT dead.
I can literally hear a "boo" far away...LOL :iconhahaplz:
So, I was (and still am) kinda grounded for who-knows-how-long. And I have NO time to write. Especially when there's the All-Ireland championship and my county plays the final with Donegal...UP MAYO! :iconirelandplz: Oh, and school too. I guess the Championship is much more interesting! ^.^


This is a request I got from :iconladychaoni: I'm sorry for the wait! I literally worked on this for TWO MONTHS. I had no idea what Hong Kong is actually like. *le reading DeviantART Hong Kong x Reader FanFictions and then going "OOOOOH, I seeeeeeee!*

So yeah, hope you enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Hetalia, Hong Kong, any other anime character mentioned in this piece, or the profile picture. But I do own the plot. And I's appreciate if you didn't steal it.
If you steal it, I'll--- *bleeped out for various reasons*

LULZ, that's the longest description I've ever written. :iconyeahplz: And the longest FanFiction too!

So, if you bothered actually READING ALL of this crap I wrote, you may now battle for Prussia's "throne of Awesomness" xD Good luck!
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