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*Six months later*

"(Y/n), seriously. It's not even a small hill, you can't be tired already!" Kenny's eager voice hurries you as you pant, holding onto the railing of the bridge. The evening air is heavy with humidity and the yellow lights of the Eiffel Tower give a chance for people to see where they are headed even through the darkest alley of the city. Exhausted from constant walking around the city of love,you finally make it to that one place you've always dreamed of.
"Look, (Y/n)! People put locks with their names on that bridge!" Teal eyes of the eighteen-year old lad scan through numerous names with a sweet smile on his face. "Yeah, didn't you know?" You gasp out as you take out a silver lock from your pocket.
"Here, let's write our names on it---"
"No. You should write them." He insists, pressing the sharpie marker and lock into your open palms. "When we come back here again, I want to remember you and your writing."
"You make it sound as if I was leaving."
"Not my intention." He rises his hands up, chuckling. "I like your writing better than mine anyways."
Tracing the letters of '(Y/n) and Kenny' onto the shiny surface as neatly as you could muster out, you allow your loved one to lock the possession neatly by the spot directly overlooking the river Seine. As your hand intertwines with Kenny's, he steals a glance on the key.
"Do I keep it?" He asks, twirling the key around his fingertips.
"No, throw it into the river." And he does, after the two of you take the last glance at it with loving eyes. Before you know it, you feel strange tingling on your hand. As you reach out to scratch it, you realize there's nothing to scratch. Your eyes fall onto your hand in panic as you see sky blue dust. The dust is spreading onto your form, giving off even a brighter light, catching Kenny's attention, whose eyes widen in just as much shock and fear.
"(Y-Y/n)!" He grabs and holds what still remains out of your form, and as you end up in your ghost form eventually, his arms drop back in defeat. He doesn't look at you, as if the ground below him is suddenly too interesting. You feel your form being gently pulled upwards, and now you know exactly what it is.
"Kenny...look at me, please." His glassy eyes shift to your sky blue ones and you send him a sad smile. "I'm passing away, Kenny."
"I won't see you?" He chokes out, tears stinging his eyes madly.
"No, you won't..." You place your dust-hand onto his trembling one, "I love you, Kenny. The times I spent with you were the best of my life, if you could call it that." You laugh sadly. "You need to do what I asked of you, remember? I have expectations...go get a job, will you? And finally find someone better than Bebe."
He smiles slightly at that and starts coughing out angry, teary sighs. "I already found that person, better than anyone. You."
"Then you should get children and tell them about me for bedtime stories." As your feet are practically dragging you upwards now, you reach out your hand and your fingertip grazes Kenny's raised hand before you let the force take you in, leaving Kenny standing on the bridge, alone.
He stares at the particular spot you've just been in for what seems like eternity before shifting his empty eyes to that silver lock, stuck onto the railing forever. He gives the lock a small peck before he gets up, and makes his way back to the hotel in the dark of light. When he does turn around, he gazes onto the bridge for the one last time, and smiles.
"I love you too, (Y/n)... I won't fail you."


She knew she was blessed with one more chance for a reason from the very beginning. To see life, and see what she never gave herself to experience. But now she went through it all - happiness, friendship, love, it always waited for her. But maybe this was meant to be - she needed to be ignorant to get that chance and truly appreciate life and the gifts it yields, if only you give it time to unravel all these things for you. And when she was taken in for final rest, she felt joy, knew that what she's done wasn't the answer, yet gained her chance to re-live what she missed before.
And he realized it too, after some time had passed. He knew he had a duty to fill out, and he never gave up. There was no reason to; opportunities await him, and he must be patient to receive them. He's well aware he can't escape from his problems, and getting that chance of revelation was the greatest gift he's been given thus far. So he continues in his search of happiness, fulfilling her wishes with determination.
And you; if life isn't being merciful with you and you feel like there is no remedy for you, you must believe there is. So fulfill her wishes also - be patient and await the opportunities of happiness from life. Toughen up and take in every challenge to saturate your skin and soul - become the soldier of great heart and loving soul. There is so many things you could do, and I hope I gave you a small look-out of what they could be. But if you strip yourself from a chance to realize that you have opportunities, I hope this journey with Kenny made you realize you just need to wait a bit for your own time to shine your sky blue light - your Bleu Celeste.
Bleu Celeste *A Kenny x Reader FanFiction* Ch. 12
Ah, sweet, sweet end. Well, not that sweet. Bitter as hell, actually. I didn't mean to crush you's all like this ;-; 
I hope I carried a good message with this FanFiction. It was the first time I've ever finished a series for the x Reader and I was truly proud of this. 
I'll see you around, guys. More to come.

First chapter:…
No more next, but be patient for extra work of mine if you will~!
Gentle warmth of Modest sunrays caress your sleeping face, causing your (e/c) eyes to flutter open. Taking in your surroundings, you recognise this place as the homeless tents behind the bus stop. You lie with your head sticking out of a Purple, ripped tent, (h/c) hair even messier than before. As your head slowly retreats back into the tent, you smile as a bunch of blonde locks stick out from under the grey sheet. You nudge his side with your bare leg, receiving a tired groan in repsonse.
"Ma, I don't wanna go to school today..."
"It's Saturday, Kenny~" You wiggle downwards so you lie on Kenny's level and snuggle into his back. "And Friday was hell of a day~"
He turns around to face you, a cute grin plastered onto his face. "Yeah. It was...Your moans are so..."
"Distinctive." He chuckles as you kiss his forehead lightly and caress his bare chest with your fingertips.
"Was I up to your standards?" You murmur, your eyes glueing, just enjoying the sounds surrounding you.
"Oh, more than I could ask for."
"Won't your Ma be worried?"
"It was Friday, she probably got stoned and didn't realize I'm gone. She only realizes when she gets a phonecall from the doctor."
"Doctor?" Your head rises to look at Kenny's half-sleeping form. Teal eyes open just slightly to send you a smile.
"I always end up doing something to myself whenever I'm out...but yesterday was amazing, and I just got all my wounds patched up."


"I still don't know if I'm gonna be like this forever, Kenny." You anxiously nibble on your sleeve as you wait for him to dress himself.
"Well, we're gonna make the best out of it, y'know?"
The rest of the day was great, giving you happiness and basically feels you haven't experiences since what felt like ages. Finally being able to meet Stan, Kyle and Cartman was a joy too, even if Cartman kept asking too many uncomfortable questions. Bickering with him was quite satisfactory, to be honest, and you laughed whenever he made an awful comeback. Stan and Kyle both hugged you, saying that Kenny's love is also theirs. Who knew friends like these existed? They didn't in your previous life.
Speaking of which, worry still consumed you as your mind raced back to the sudden transformation into a human. It's not right, supernatural even. This wasn't supposed to happen...shouldn't you pass away?
"(Y/n), just enjoy what you have and make the best out of it. You probably were forgiven. Just be happy, for me at least."
So you are, you're enjoying yourself. Laughing, snorting, bickering, loving. And you know damn well that nothing will rip this from you. Never.
Bleu Celeste *A Kenny x Reader FanFiction* Ch. 11
A shorter chapter before the finale~! Who's excited?! 
Not you? Okay.
I'm working on a new project, Hetalia-related crack stuff. I might upload it on Quotev or my Deviantart. We'll see.
I'll see you on Monday!

First Chapter:…
"So, Kenny, how was it?"
"Oh, class." He sighs dreamily. "We didn't have sex, but hell, I needed that handy."
You roll your eyes and he smirks. "Why, is someone jealous~?"
Shooting upwards, you stare at him in amazement. How dare he? Although it's true...but he shouldn't be saying that. Because it makes you realise how accurate it is.
"So you are!" His index finger pokes your puffed out cheek. Despite his constant blabbering and teasing, you somehow make it to the South Park Mall. Carol, or Mrs. McCormick, or 'Kenny's Ma' in your case, told Kenny to go and buy regular pop tarts for dinner. Of course, the boy himself isn't too pleased with eating crispy carbohydrates once again, but what could one do when he has a fiver in his pocket and is to buy dinner for five people?
"What can I buy?" He mutters under his breath as you ponder with his dillema.
"I think you could buy a small pizza at Walmart, no? Or at least something in that line, like a dish many can eat but, it's kinda cheap."
"Walmart is ages away from here, (Y/n). I'm supposed to be home in twenty minutes." People give him strange looks as they hear a poor boy talking quietly to himself.
"Then pop in to the Food Court. Or you could just go for the pop tarts..." You say in a mocking tone, getting his pointy nose to cringe upwards in a huff.


"Kenny, goddammit! I told you to buy the poptarts! Why do you always show up with some fancy shit I never asked for!"
"The pizza was for five bucks! It's no big deal, Ma."
"I am not your 'Ma'! Talk like a normal kid, Jesus, Kenny! Even Karen calls me that now! What the fuck is wrong with you children?! You're not from the hood, don't call me that! You call me 'Mum' like a normal kid!"
"Why are you making such a big deal out of this?"
"You're not going out anywhere, do you hear me?! You're grounded!"
So, of course, here you were with Kenny, sitting on the porch overlooking Stark's Pond. It's not like Kenny would listen to his Ma either way.
"She's just on her period." He growls.
"You can't blame her anger just on that." You point out. It's always annoying to hear that 'you're angry because you're on your period' shit. "Maybe something happened to her? Did you bother ask?"
"I don't give two shits about what happens to her. She has no control over me, fucking junkie alcoholic bitch."
"As you please then." You shrug and place your chin in your palms as you watch the sun go down. It's the most peaceful place in South Park, the eternal snow cluster, where birds chirp, the water is pure and the traffic isn't bothering people.
"Hey, Kenny?" You rub your knuckles anxiously, gulping down fear bottling up inside. Perhaps it is time to tell him, I mean, he isn't a judgemental bitch or anything likewise.
"Yeah?" He doesn't even look up, just curls up his knees to his chest and buries his head into them.
You take a deep breath "I think I love you."
He takes a second to process what he's just after hearing, then gets up, facing you with a serious facial expression that soon morphs into a smile.
"I...I love you too, doll. But I bet you already knew that." He smirks.
"I wish I never died. There's nothing I regret more, and I'm so sorry for what I've done. I could never forgive myself...I wish I could go back in time, if only I knew about you...I would know I have someone to go to."
And guess what happened next?
Your hand begins glowing. You stare at it in fear; are you passing away? No, no, not now! But that...
"Skin?" Kenny asks in amazement, grabbing what used to be sky blue dust shaped like a hand. And you feel it. You feel his warm touch against your skin. Skin. So does that mean...?
"You have an arm now! What's happening? Are you turning into a human?" Kenny's voice stumbles over words as his eyes gleam in excitement. Before you know it, you're standing in front of the blonde in your full body, in the clothes you died in. Your hair, a bit messy yet tolerable, your eyes gaining colour to a lovely (e/c). Kenny stares at you in awe, making you grin.
"What do you think?" You give him a little twirl as the sunset's beams shines at your (s/c) skin. He laughs a hearty laugh and picks you up, twirling you around in true joy.
"Oh, (Y/n)..." He puts you down and leans in closer until your lips meet in a sweet kiss. It was so extraordinary, to have your body back and being pressed up against Kenny's warm chest as his lips move in accord with yours, moist and warm, until he tilts his head to get a better angle in the kiss. Your fingers eagerly lace into his blonde hair and you hungrily abuse his lips, a trickle of saliva flowing down both your chins. Not the most appetizing first kiss, but neither of you cared. It was just lust and love now, wanting to express your feelings.
His tongue is skilled, very much so, as it slides and explores every inch of your mouth and you let him, occasionally doing the same for him. His hands trail down your body and rest on your hips, pressing you so close that nothing would go in between your two forms.
Breaking away for much needed air, he wipes your chin with his sleeve, and you do the same for him, making him smile. Kenny pulls you into a tight squeeze as he rests his head on your shoulder and in the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent deeply.
"I wanted to do this for so long..."
Bleu Celeste *A Kenny x Reader FanFiction* Ch. 10
Thursday morning, everything's fine~~~ And I stand here, thinking you're mine~~~
With a body of my own to bare~~~ It's a happiness I can share~~~

My rhyming skills are top notch <3
I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Two more to go~! I'll see you on Saturday!

First chapter:…
Throwing clothes around the room and trying them on one after another before going out is typical girl behawior. So it's no surprise that you're staring at Kenny with a weird look as he discards yet another shirt onto his bed.
"You're just going out with the guys, Kenny. Is this really necessary?" You rub your temples as his groans hurt your ears for the fourth time this afternoon.
"Yes it's necessary!" He barks. "It's a party, (Y/n)! I wanna get laid! Do you know how long it's been since I got a good handy?"
"I don't wanna know, save that for yourself, thanks." You yawn as your index finger point to a blue tight shirt. "That's good, why don't you wear that? You're built up, it'll look good on you."
"I've worn that on my last party. If I come around in that again, everyone will think I'm a poverty stricken asshole!" As you open your mouth, his hand flies upwards to gesture a 'shut it'. "No. Don't say it." So you don't.
You try it again, pointing to an orange loose shirt. "Maybe this?"
"And do I look like I came from the ghetto? This is for fat people!"
"Since when are fat people associated with ghettos?" You snort. "And if it really is for fatties, why do you have it?"
"Ah, (Y/n)!" He groans. "You're frying my brain with all your annoying questions, like a six year old."
"Sorrynotsorry." You fly over to a tight black shirt. "Maybe this and your Dad's old leather jacket? This is my last try, then I'm out."
"Hmm." He scratches his chin as he contemplates the idea. "Not bad." Putting on blue jeans and his elder bother Kevin's old sneakers, he goes to his parents' room to retrieve the item.


"How do I look?" He poses in the broken mirror when his outfit is complete, and you clap your hands in approval.
"Like a downtown hottie pie."
"That's what I like to hear." He winks, making you shake your head with a smile, although the tiniest ting of that one funny feeling comes back. The one you felt when Bebe was still around and didn't "suddenly turn to p u r i t y." Jealousy. Oh, what you'd give to have your body touch his body...kiss him everywhere...
"Make me scream~~" Kenny's voice silences your wild thoughts and you listen in carefully to realize he's talking about his evening - if all goes well - and what a lucky girl will have the honour to do. And you chuckle when you realise his sudden comment finished your thoughts.
So here you are, flying around the Marsh household with your companions being obnoxiously loud music and voices saying things they'd never say if sober. Of course, by an hour into the party, everyone is either drunk or stoned and high as giraffe nuts; so everyone is having a great time. You watch everything in amusement - let's just say you weren't the most popular and party one when you did live, so actually having the chance to witness all of this was super to say the least. In the kitchen corner, Butters is lying down and holding his head. Poor boy, he's never been too good under peer pressure and now he's going through a high that gives him paranoia. Not a good way to start your junkie carreer. Kevin Stoley is getting a lapdance from Lola, who is so drunk her moves are not at all graceful, so she's basically grinding her shaky form onto him. Kyle is fiercefully making out with Heidi Turner against the glass door to the garden. Wendy is long gone with Token to the upstairs bathroom to do the traditional stoner "mhm-mhm", while her boyfriend Stan is swallowing an E once again. Starting off easy, you guessed.
And what is Kenny doing? Oh, nothing much, just trying to fumble with his belt as his ex-girlfriend Tammy is undoing his zipper in the back garden. Not a sight for a lady to see...besides, the strange feeling of sudden affection towards Kenny would only make an oestrogen-molotov cocktail out of you if mixed with jealousy.
And it's not like you can wring her pretty little neck anyway. You can't do anything. The pathetic hopelessness returns to you like a tsunami wave and you sit by Butters, listening in to his terrified murmurs.
"Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord..."
"I sinned so much, I did wrong..."
"I'm awful, I hurt everyone..."
"No, leave me alone! I want to be alone..."
"I didn't mean it...I swear...Back then..."
"Don't hurt me...I won't do it again...Please..."
You felt so sorry for him, it's not like he would ever expect that to happen. When pressured by others into taking drugs, you'd expect euphoria and confidence, not fear and depression. But that's Butters and that's how he'll react to the substance, so it wouldn't be a mistake to know he won't want to go through this hell again...but eventually will be convinced to either way.
Bleu Celeste *A Kenny x Reader FanFiction* Ch. 9
Sorry for the delay, guys. I was busy with schoolwork to say the least, but here's the next chapter!
Thank you for your lovely feedback <3 I appreciate it!

First chapter:…
It's Easter Sunday, and you smile widely as you watch Kenny hit a beautifully colored egg against another egg a small girl holds tightly. His egg cracks and she giggles, telling him that in her Ma's country, they say the person who breaks the other's egg is going to be lucky this year. He then ruffles her bare head and smiles down at her, wishing her the bestest of luck. The two nibble on sausage, bread, the cracked egg and a small vegetable salad the girl's Ma made for the occassion. All the small portions were blessed in the Church, apparently, especially for Easter Mass.
"I'd love to go to Poland if you celebrate your Easter this nicely. You put so much effort into this!" He looks at the beautiful basket sitting on the girl's bedside table where the blessed food came from.
"When I am cancer-free, I'll ask my Mommy is you can go with us home for Christmas! You should see what we do then!" She grins, and you can't help but feel your heart Sting at her position. She's just a small kid, she should be running around, watching cartoons and drawing instead of being stuck to a hospital bed.
"Kenny, is it true that you will leave us soon?" She asks, her platinium eyebrows furrowing in sadness.
He nods slightly. "I was supposed to work here until the end of Easter, love. You want me to stay?"
"Yes, defini...defnity...def..def..."
"Definitely." He gives her a charming smile, which she returns gently. "I don't know, love, I'd see if I can stay. I'll have to go back to school after this, but maybe I'll still be able to help around at weekends. How does that sound?"
She sighs. "I guess better than nothing."


"I told you it's not so bad, and it seems like you've grown attached to these kids."
"(Y/n), you have no idea how." He rubs his eyes with his palms in hopelessness. "I just want to spend days and nights nursing them back to health. It breaks my heart. I don't want to leave." A bitter laugh escapes his chapped lips "I would have never guessed I'd get so emotionally attached to them, y'know?"
It seems to be the only day in North Park where the rain isn't flowing in waterfalls, and the white clouds cover the sky, shielding the sun, yet letting warm air to welcome the people. Their attitudes seem to be just as warm, and they're happy as can be, strolling by one another. Ironically the complete opposite of what Kenny was going through.
"Kenny." You place a dust-made hand on his shoulder, which he, of course, can't feel. "These are times we all wish we could live for. To bring happiness to others. These kids adore you, and you love them too, you know it. Doesn't it give you a fuzzy feeling when you know you can be a tiny shelf of suport in their living room of life?"
He looks at you funny. "What kind of a comparison is that?"
"Are you listening to me?"
"Yeah, and I agree with you." He sighs as he gets on the bus, the driver scanning his card. Kenny plops down on one of the empty blue seats and stares outside. "It's worth to be around to see these moments. To see them happy." He whispers.


"I think I'll leave the idea of a job until summer." He says to you as he flicks through a newspaper he found in the bus as he lies on his bed. You stare outside to watch the snow drip lightly from the sky, even though Summer is about to start.
"Why is that now?" You ask.
"So I could get a job from Monday to Friday and still visit North Park over the weekend." The newspaper is soon discarded to another corner of the room and Kenny's hands fly behind his head as he stares at the cracked ceiling. "I don't need money now anyway."
You smile as you watch him in thought. "You finally understood you don't need money for some things."
"Yeah. I guess you're right."
"Damn right I'm right."
Bleu Celeste *A Kenny x Reader FanFiction* Ch. 8
A heart-warming chapter for a nice Saturday morning~ May I also top-tip that chapter six was the half-way point, so four more chapters to go~!
Thanks for sticking around, tune in for more soon!

First Chapter:…


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